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How well do you know China? Test your knowledge with our wide range of quizzes. Our China quizzes cover China and all things Chinese. All the questions have their answer somewhere on this web site. The order of questions and possible answers are different each time you take the quiz. Most people find these quizzes pretty tough so don't be discouraged. Our picture quizzes ask you to identify well known landmarks in China.

The quizzes have 15 or 20 questions. At the end we give you a summary of the results and an opportunity to share your results on Facebook. We are adding new quizzes and improving existing ones, so send your comments and feedback for subjects you would like us to cover.

General China quizzes: history, geography, traditions, language - a mixed bag

General China quiz 1General China quiz 1
(Starter level)
General China quiz 2General China quiz 2
(Beginner level)
General China quiz 3General China quiz 3
(Intermediate level 1)
General China quiz 4General China quiz 4
(Intermediate level 2)
General China quiz 5General China quiz 5
(Tough level)
General China quiz 6General China quiz 6
(Expert level)
Tasters: The Terracotta warriors are in a tomb complex for the Emperor who founded which dynasty? Jade was historically mined from which range of mountains in China?

Monthly Quizzes

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China history quizzes from the depths of time to the present day

Chinese History quiz 1Chinese History quiz 1
(Starter level)
Chinese History quiz 2Chinese History quiz 2
(Intermediate level 1)
Chinese History quiz 3Chinese History quiz 3
(Intermediate level 2)
Chinese History quiz 4Chinese History quiz 4
(Tough level)
Tasters: Who was one of the leaders of the May 4th movement in Tianjin, 1919? Bai Juyi's poem ‘A song of Unending Sorrow’ commemorates which event?

Chinese traditions and customs quizzes - pastimes, food, beliefs

Chinese Traditions quiz 1Traditions quiz 1
(Starter level)
Chinese Traditions quiz 2Traditions quiz 2
(Tough level)
Tasters: Under what kind of tree did the Buddha achieve enlightenment? Which of these is an inappropriate gift because of traditional symbolism?

Chinese New Year quiz - all about Chinese Spring Festival

Chinese NewYear quizChinese New Year quiz

Chinese Geography quiz - peoples, places and climate

Chinese Geography quiz 1Geography quiz
(Intermediate level)

Mandarin Language quiz - basic level

Chinese Language quiz 1Chinese Language quiz
(Starter level)

Picture quiz - famous landmarks of China - where can you find them?

China Picture quiz 1Picture quiz 1
(Starter level)
China Picture quiz 2Picture quiz 2
(Tough level)